Логотип Томский НИМЦ НИИ кардиологии Tomsk NRMC Cardiology Research Institute

Cardiology Research Institute
Tomsk, Russia

Cardiology Research Institute is an inclusive cardiology and cardiac surgery center focusing on providing specialized care for patients coming from large part of the Russian territory from the Ural to Sakhalin. The institute advantageously combines research facilities, cardiology clinic, and educational institution. Due to this combination, for decades, employees of the institute have been maintaining high level of international standards in diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Research and Development Scientific priorities of the institute, fundamental and pilot scientific studies, grants, and innovation projects
  • Research Departments and Laboratories 12 research departments, 3 research laboratories, and 100 research fellows
  • Our Research Products Over 1000 articles, books, patents, databases, computer software, and medical technologies prepared by the specialists of the institute
  • Biomedical Ethics Committee Organization and regulations of the Biomedical Ethics Committee of Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk NRMC
  • Publishing Siberian Medical Journal, Book series “Cardiology: Science and Practice”
  • Department for Research and Training Coordination Coordination and consulting, methodological, organizational, and informational support of the research-and-academic activities of Cardiology Research Institute
15 Research Units
41 Doctors of Sciences
over 150 journal articles a year
over 20 patents a year


  • About Clinic Over 25 kinds of laboratory studies, clinic with 400 beds, and high-tech medical help for patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • Clinic Structure 16 clinical subdivisions, 908 employees, 175 physicians, 5 doctors of medical sciences, 68 candidates of medical sciences, and 340 nurses
  • How to get medical help Patient may contact Clinic directly or via other medical institutions or health authorities of the region (Public Health Department, Ministry, Administration, or Committee). Admission to Clinic of Cardiology Research Institute is possible when indications are verified based on the results of consultation in person or by correspondence.
Clinic with 400 beds
Over 4,000 surgeries annually
Over 12,000 hospital treatments annually
Over 50,000 ambulatory visits annually


  • Education Info Institution of educational process based on continuous medical education programs
  • Education Office Opportunity for single-center multidisciplinary training and close integration of learning with comprehensive research studies
  • Postgraduate Training Program Education in two areas and five profiles of training
  • Medical Residency Studies in six specialties
  • Research Library Library collection of Cardiology Research Institute, publishing, and library-information services
634012, Russian Federation
Tomsk, Kievskaya st., 111a
Help desk for research
+7 (3822) 561-232
Help desk for clinic
+7 (3822) 565-282