Education Office

Getting education at Research Institute of Cardiology means studying at one of the leading cardiological centers in Russia, obtaining state-of-the-art knowledge and high-demand specialty, professional growth and confidence in the future, implementation of knowledge to clinical practice, and participation in Russian and international scientific events.

Research Institute of Cardiology invites specialists with higher medical education to undergo training according to the following programs:

  • higher education programs — medical residency programs;
  • higher education programs — postgraduate training programs for training of academic and teaching staff;
  • additional advanced professional training programs — short-range further training programs accredited in the system of continuous medical and pharmaceutical education, further professional training in the forms of thematic advanced training, and work-place specialization.

Key areas of training

Cardiology, arrhythmology, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, anesthesiology and intensive care, radiology and radiation therapy, ultrasound diagnostics of heart and vascular diseases, magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, and laboratory diagnostics.


  • The capability to combine educational, clinical and scientific activities;
  • Participation in Russian and international scientific events;
  • Involvement in interdisciplinary research;
  • Opportunity to participate in international clinical trials;
  • Consultative help of national leaders in Russian cardiology;
  • The acting Dissertation Council at the premises of Cardiology Research Institute;
  • High demand for graduates in the fields of clinical cardiology, radiology, anesthesiology and intensive care, and cardiovascular surgery;
  • Individual educational trajectory;
  • Lectures and workshops with leading experts — professors and doctors of medical sciences.

Specialists who come to us have a unique opportunity to study at the leading research center in the country:

  • Children’s Heart Center of Cardiology Research Institute is among a few medical centers in the Russian Federation that have been successfully developing surgery for complex congenital heart defects in children of early age. Endovascular treatment of congenital heart defects in young patients is now possible from a week old age.
  • At the premises of Cardiology Research Institute, Siberian Arrhythmology Center has been created and equipped with the most advanced facilities for delivering intracardiac electrophysiology studies and surgeries for elimination of various forms of tachycardias and treatment of bradycardias.
  • Every year, about 1,000 people receive qualified medical care of the highest international standards. At the premises of Cardiology Research Institute, the schools of young specialists, arrhythmologists, are ongoing. Leading national and foreign experts deliver lectures, theoretical, practical seminars, and clinical studies. The diagnostic capabilities of the clinic meet the highest medical standards.
  • Specialists have at their disposal a powerful laboratory base, including radionuclide research methods, the cutting-edge electrocardiographic equipment, ultrasound devices of an expert class, modern angiographic systems, magnetic resonance and computer tomographs, and other equipment used to diagnose pathology of the cardiovascular system. Cardiology Research Institute has a unique scientific and practical material in the area of electrostimulation and cell cardiomyoplasty, not only on a national scale, but also in the world.
  • For the first time in the world, radiofrequency fragmentation of the atria was performed according to the open-heart Maze procedure in combination with correction of congenital and acquired heart diseases; The institute is among those the largest accumulated Russian experience in performing these interventions.

Every year, many specialists from healthcare institutions located in other regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries undergo advanced training in the institute. Training in six clinical residencies and five postgraduate specialties of full-time postgraduate studies is available. The Dissertation Council with the right to award the degrees of candidate and doctor of science in the following specialties is working: 14.01.05 — Cardiology (Medical Sciences) and 14.01.13 — Radiology, Radiation Therapy (Medical Sciences).

Leading specialists of the institute, including full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, two corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 41 doctors of sciences, 19 professors, 113 candidates of science, four honored workers of science, six honored doctors of the Russian Federation, and two honorary cardiologists of the Russian Federation teach classes of trainees.