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Full name: Cardiology Research Institute, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution «Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Short name: Cardiology Research Institute

New institution name is effective as of official registration date for the Articles of Association — June 20, 2016

Grounds: Order of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of the Russian Federation from June 20, 2016

Mission of the institute is to save human lives by promoting medical science!

Our slogan is «Listen to your heart!»

Cardiology Research Institute is an integral cardiological and cardiovascular complex aimed at delivering specialized care to patients of large part of the Russian territory from the Ural to Sakhalin. The institute effectively encompasses research institute, cardiology clinic, and the educational institution. Due to this combination, the staff of the institute has been able to successfully maintain a high level of international standards in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases for decades.

In Cardiology Research Institute, over 1,000 employees are working including two full members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), one corresponding member of RAS, 41 doctors of medical sciences, 19 professors, 113 candidates of sciences, four honored workers of science, six honored doctors of the Russian Federation, and two professors emeritus of cardiology. Director of the institute is Professor Sergey V. Popov, MD, Full Member of RAS and Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation.

Clinic of Cardiology Research Institute has at its disposal all facilities to provide timely and qualified help to all people whose heart needs special attention. Approximately 430 patients may receive an in-hospital treatment simultaneously. Annually, 10,000 patients from Tomsk, Tomsk Region, Siberia, Far East, and neighboring countries receive treatments in an environment friendly and pleasant for patients.

Pediatric Cardiology. Cardiology Research Institute is among a few medical centers in Russia where full range of surgeries for congenital heart disease is available independently on age and weight of patients.

Cardiology Research Institute offers advanced and world-class cardiovascular surgery. The institute is among a few centers where single-step procedures for correction of valvular heart disease and atrial fibrillation are available.

Our institute pays great attention to gentler methods of surgical interventions in adults and children, for example, to interventional methods, which are the surgical methods of treatment without opening chest and without open heart surgery being done. Over a decade ago, the institute has implemented and has been successfully delivering ever since the endovascular methods for closure of patent ductus arteriosus and for treatment of septal defects in adults and children (surgical interventions on blood vessels with transcutaneous access under control of imaging modalities with the use of special tools).

Treatment-and-consulting outpatient department of the institute is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, which significantly expand diagnostic and treatment capabilities of the department. In our city and region, medical doctors may refer cardiac patients to our institute for diagnosis specification, comprehensive outpatient examination, and efficacious therapy selection.

Scientific potential of professionals working in Cardiology Research Institute allows them to make world-class discoveries, which reduce the price of high-tech treatments for patients. Besides, international cooperation also helps to achieve remarkable success in treatment of cardiovascular diseases due to exchange of experience with foreign colleagues and training in the largest world clinics.

Annually, the institute holds scientific and science-and-practice conferences, congresses, symposia, meetings, and schools on relevant issues of cardiology. Professionals working in Cardiology Research Institute promote their achievements abroad and annually participate in conferences, meetings, and symposia presenting the results of research and clinical work at the international level.

Cardiology Research Institute publishes peer-reviewed Siberian Medical Journal (Tomsk) recognized by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation and recommended for publishing the materials of doctoral theses for earning degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences.