Clinical Trials

Cardiology Research Institute offers services in the area of clinical trials of drugs and products for medical use.

We are of interest to collaborate because we have the following:

  1. Long-standing experience of participation in the international multi-center clinical trials in a framework of collaborations with the leading Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations.
  2. We participated in over 120 international multicenter phase II–IV clinical trials.
  3. Successful experience of passing auditing including FDA auditing (as result, auditing did not reveal any major or critical findings).
  4. Investigators who have experience of working with central laboratories and companies-vendors and who have skills of working with hard-copy and electronic case report forms with various interactive IVRS and IWRS systems.
  5. Own databases and registers of patients who underwent treatment and examination in the clinic (400 beds) of Cardiology Research Institute.
  6. Feasibility of providing high-tech medical care and high level of qualification of investigators.
  7. We are interested in performing clinical trials and sign confidentiality agreement within 24 h.
  8. Adherence to the principles of Proper Clinical Practice (GCP) and legislation in power.
  9. Fast review of the agreements (within 14 days).

Main areas: cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric cardiology, intensive-care medicine and anesthesiology.

Prior to approval of principal investigator candidature by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, it should be approved by Director of Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk NRMC.

Please send proposals of principal investigator candidatures to Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Work at e-mail