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Data of creation of the educational organization

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution «Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (Tomsk NRMC) began work on June 1, 2016 (order of Cancer Research Institute from 01.07.2016 No. 72-П «On completion of the registration procedure»). Tomsk NRMC was created according to the initiative of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of Russia with support of the Administration of the Tomsk Region at the premises of Tomsk Cancer Research Institute through accession of five Tomsk academic institutes of medical profile to it (Cardiology Research Institute, Mental Health Research Institute, Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, and Tyumen Cardiology Research Center).

Founder of the educational organization

Founder and owner of the property of Tomsk NRMC is the Russian Federation. Functions and authority of the founder of Tomsk NRMC on behalf of the Russian Federation are exercised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation headed by Mikhail M. Kotyukov. 

Legal address of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia: 11 Tverskaya str., Moscow, 125009
Mailing address of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia: 14 Solyanka str., build. 3, Moscow, 109240


Address of Tomsk NRMC

5 Kooperativny Ln., Tomsk 634009, Russia
Phone (Secretariat): +7 (3822) 51-33-06
Phone (Receiving Office): + (3822) 51-10-39
Head of Research and Academic Office: +7 (3822) 55-48-71
Working hours: 9:00—16:00
Fax: 8 (3822) 28-26-76
Web site:
E-mails of the education organization:
Research and Academic Office:

Addresses of the branches of the educational organization

Tyumen Cardiology Research Center
111 Melnikaite str., Tyumen, 625026
Phone (Receiving Office): +7 (3452) 68-19-68
Fax: 8 (3452) 20-53-49
Web site:

Detailed information on the educational organization is available here.