Institute Structure

I. Directorate
II. Scientific Divisions

1. Division of Clinical Cardiology
— Department of Emergency Cardiology
— Department of Atherosclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease
— Department of Hypertension
— Department of Pediatric Cardiology
— Department of Myocardial Pathology
— Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
— Department of Functional and Laboratory Diagnostics
— Department of Ambulatory Cardiology
— Department of Cardiovascular Epidemiology

2. Division of Interventional Cardiology
— Department of Interventional Arrhythmology

3. Division of Radiology
— Department of Radiology and Tomography

— Department of Nuclear Medicine

4. Division of Experimental Cardiology
— Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology
— Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Pathology and Gene Diagnostics
— Animal Resource Facility

III. Clinical Divisions
— Department of General Medicine
— Department of Cardiology No. 1 (65 beds)
— Department of Cardiology No. 2 (30 beds)
— Department of Cardiology No. 3 (45 beds)
— Department of Cardiology No. 4 (30 beds)
— Department of Cardiology No. 5 (30 beds)
— Department of Cardiac Surgery No. 1 (50 beds)
— Department of Cardiac Surgery No. 2 (25 beds)
— Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (15 beds)
— Department of Blood Transfusion
— Department of Interventional Arrhythmology (55 beds)
— Department of Invasive Cardiology
— Department of Functional Diagnostics and Ultrasound
— Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
— Department of Radiology and Tomography
— Department of Nuclear Medicine
— Diagnostic and Consultation Center
— Department of Physiotherapy
— Department of Anatomic Pathology
— Admissions Department
— Sterilization Center
— Pharmacy
— Nutrition Unit

IV. Department for Research and Training Coordination
V. Department of Information Technology
VI. Department of Contracting Service
VII. Innovation Office
VIII. Research Library
Extra-Budgetary Management Office
X. Education Office
XI. Engineering and Technical Service
XII. Department of Transport
XIII. Housekeeping Unit
XIV. Human Resources