Postgraduate Training Program

Cardiology Research Institute provides training according to programs of higher education for research and academic staff in postgraduate schools in the following areas:

  • 30.06.01 Basic Medicine (area of Pathological Phisiology);
  • 31.06.01 Clinical Medicine (areas of Cardiology; Diagnostic Radiology and Radiotherapeutics; Anesthesiology and Reanimation; Cardiovascular Surgery). As a result of successful completion of the program, graduate receives the qualification of «Researcher. Research Instructor».

Individuals with higher medical education (specialist or masters programs) are eligible to enter the postgraduate training course for academic and research staff. Training is delivered at work places funded by the federal budget as well at work places in accordance with agreements for educational services on a fee-paying basis.

All relevant information on studying the postgraduate programs and the terms of entering is available on the web site of Tomsk NRMC at in the section of Education.