How to get medical help

Clinic of Cardiology Research Institute is a unique cardiovascular cluster comprising the following: the Diagnostic and Consultation Center; state-of the art diagnostic facilities; cardiological departments; Siberian Arrhythmology Center; endovascular treatment unit; and cardiac surgery departments.

The types of medical help provided by Cardiology Research Institute are defined by license for all medical types of activities.

Patient may contact Clinic personally, via other medical institution, or administrative body (Department of Healthcare, Ministry, Administration, Committee) of own region. Hospitalization to Cardiology Research Institute is possible upon confirmation of indications based on the results of consultation in person or by correspondence.

Consultation in person:

1. Consultation in person is available in the Diagnostic and Consultation Center if there is referral form 057/у-04 for determination of indications for planned hospitalization. If after consultation in the Diagnostic and Consultation Center, the indications for planned hospitalization are established and there are no contra-indications, the doctor refers a patient for hospitalization in Cardiology Research Institute.

2. In the Admissions Department, patient receives consultation in person to establish indications for urgent and/or emergency hospitalization. In the presence of severe retrosternal pain, patient may visit Admissions Department themselves.

Consultation by correspondence:

Consultation by correspondence is given by the Commission of Cardiology Research Institute on selection of patients for in-hospital treatment based on medical documents provided by patient, other medical institutions, or healthcare authorities of the region.

Patient may also pay for treatment themselves. In this case, please contact a specialist of Patient Service Department, tel.: +7 (3822) 56-58-30.

Before hospitalization, patient is required to undergo some medical examinations at place of residence and to get consultation with relevant specialists to confirm the absence of contraindications for planned treatment.

The list of pre-hospitalization tests and terms of passing them are given to every patient individually along with the call after establishing the date of hospitalization.

There are mandatory examinations, which patients must have for planned hospitalization.