State Task for Research

One of the principal clients for priority research works of Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC is the state. Research studies are implemented in the form of completing the state tasks for basic research as well as fundamental studies complying with the concepts of the Strategy for Science and Technology Development, namely: priority 20v «Transition to personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare, and technologies of health protection including those driven by smart use of medicinal drug, first of all antibiotics».

Basic Science

«Receptor and signalling mechanisms of cardioprotective effects of acute and prolonged adaptation to hypoxia»

The work addresses studying the interactions between opioid and adenosine receptors coupled with the signaling pathways in the regulation of adaptive resistance of the heart to pathogenic effects of ischemia and reperfusion after acute and prolonged adaptation to hypoxia.

«Fundamental aspects of onset and progression of socially significant cardiovascular diseases; elucidation of targets for diagnostics, treatment, and prognosis improvement; protection mechanisms»

The work addresses studying the pathogenetic mechanisms of onset and progression of socially significant cardiovascular diseases beginning from the evaluation of the genetic basis and changes in structure and function of cell membranes and ending at the studies of macroscopic organ damage and epidemiological aspects; determination of the most essential targets for diagnostics, pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions aimed at compensation and/or regress of pathological process.

Oriented basic studies complying with the Strategy of Science and Technology Development (Priority 20v the Strategy)

«Development and implementation of new methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients with arterial hypertension and high risk of complications»

The work addresses the development and implementation of new methods of diagnostics of pathology in target organs in patients with hypertension and new medical technologies aimed at enhancing the efficacy of treatment for hypertension.

«Development and implementation of new approaches to diagnostics and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias»

The work focuses on the determination of pathogenetic role of clinical and fundamental aspects of inflammatory, neuroendocrine, and genetic mechanisms in the progression of atrial fibrillation, ventricular arrhythmias, their associations with heart failure, and the development of innovative hybrid technologies for interventional therapy of arrhythmias aimed at the improvement of quality of life and survival.

«Hybrid and mini-invasive technologies of surgical treatment for heart failure in patients with comorbidities»

The work concerns the development, scientific justification, analysis, and implementation of cutting edge hybrid and mini-invasive treatment technologies for heart failure in patients with comorbidities into clinical practice.

«Development and implementation of new high-tech approaches to diagnostics, personalized prevention, and therapy of socially significant cardiac pathology»

The work focuses on the development and implementation of new high-tech approaches for personalized diagnostics, primary and secondary prophylactics, medicinal and minimally invasive therapy of socially significant cardiovascular pathology, first of all, for acute and chronic coronary artery disease, risk factors of atherosclerosis and chronic heart failure of ischemic and non-ischemic genesis in patients of different age groups.