Book Series “Cardiology: Science and Practice”

At the meeting of Cardiology Research Institute in October, 2015, the idea on creation of the book series titled “Cardiology: Science and Practice” was proposed. The Senatus Academicus approved the proposal and an implementation of the idea was supported. Therefore, own publishing project arose: book series “Cardiology: Science and Practice”.

According to the regulations on the book series, exclusive rights for publishing these books belong to Cardiology Research Institute. All published books are designed in the same style with indication of issue number and titles of the series. Books of the series are published within the issues. In the issues, both multi-author and single-author books may be published. The content is subject to obligatory scientific editing and peer-review. Every issue of the series has an announcement and bibliography list prepared according to the federal standard (GOST) style, which allows to assign to it a Russian Science Citation Index as well as to deposit to electronic databases and electronic library systems.

In the book series, there are Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board, and Executive Editor of an issue. Publishing process between the issues is coordinated by an executive secretary of the series. Executive secretaries of the book series may be both employees of Cardiology Research Institute authors from other institutions.

Approval to finance the issue, which is ready for the press, is given by the Senatus Academicus of Cardiology Research Institute. Cardiology Research Institute provides financial support for at least two issues per year. Publication of the books in the series allows to solve problem of expanding readership and effectively promote scientific medical information in digital era.