Ryabov V.V.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor


H-index: RSCI 13, Scopus 4, Web of Science 5

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov, M.D., Ph. D., Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Services of Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC, Head of the Emergency Cardiology Department of Cardiology Research Institute, Professor in the Cardiology Department of the Continuous Medical Education Faculty at the Siberian State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Leading Research Scientist in the Laboratory of Translational and Cellular Biomedicine at the National Research Tomsk State University.

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of Tomsk Medical Institute (1995) and competed residency training (1995–1997) and post-graduate course (1997–2000) in Cardiology Research Institute of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (currently Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC).

In 2000, he defended a doctoral thesis titled «Assessment of the effects of cardiac-selective beta-blocker talinolol on reperfusion syndrome and clinical course of myocardial infarction» for an academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences (supervisor: Professor Valentin A. Markov). In 2009, he defended a doctoral thesis titled «The effects of reperfusion therapy and cellular cardiomyoplasty on the structural and functional changes in the heart, clinical course, and long-term outcomes in patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction» for an academic degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov worked as a Research Scientist from 2000 and, later on, as a Senior Research Scientist in the Emergency Cardiology Department. He has been a Leading Research Scientist in the department since 2009.

Since 2014, he has been working as a Leading Research Scientist in the multidisciplinary Laboratory of Translational and Cellular Biomedicine at the National Research Tomsk State University.

From October 01, 2015, he had been an Acting Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Services of Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC. In December 2016, his appointment as a Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Services of Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC was confirmed. Since September, 2016, he has been an Acting Head of the Emergency Cardiology Department.

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov has been a member of the Senatus Academicus of the Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC and the Senatus Academicus of Tomsk NRMC since 2016.
In 2018, he was elected a Head of the Cardiology Department of the Siberian State Medical University.

Research Interests

Myocardial infarction, cardiac remodeling, heart failure, echocardiography, cardiovascular pathophysiology, inflammation, immune system, pathophysiology, atherosclerosis, regenerative medicine, identification and use of biologically active molecules for regeneration, clinical cardiology, stress echocardiography, and 24-hour ECG monitoring.

Professional Societies

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov is a Member of the Russian Society of Cardiology, European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Heart Failure Association of ESC, Russian Heart Failure Association, and European Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI).

Achievements, awards, and grants

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov has received Tomsk Region Administration Award in the Field of Science and Education (2006, 2010), Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the Support of Young Doctors of Sciences in Medicine (2010), Award for Young Specialists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (2010), Certificate of Merit from the Administration of the city of Tomsk (2010), and the Certificate of Merit from the Tomsk Region Administration (2015).

Vyacheslav v. Ryabov has been an investigator for the projects titled:

  • «The development of approach to treatment of myocardial infarction based on autologous bone marrow mononuclear stem cells» supported by RFBR grant N 05-04-08013-ofi_a (2004).
  • «The development of the method of cell therapy for myocardial infarction based on intracoronary transplantation of the mesenchymal stem cells» supported by RFBR grant N 07-04-13507-ofi_c (2007–2008).
  • «The use of stem and progenitor cells from human somatic tissues for reparative therapy and tissue regeneration» supported by the Federal Target Program government contract N 02.522.11.2006/4 (2007–2009).
  • Vyacheslav v. Ryabov has been a principal investigator for the projects titled:
  • «Significance of the stiffness of the great arteries and clinical and echocardiography aspects of chronic heart failure in patients with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction after myocardial infarction» supported by the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation N MD-6979.2010.
  • «Significance of functional plasticity of monocytes/macrophages in the processes of reparative regeneration and postinfarction cardiac remodeling» supported by RFBR grant N 16-04-01268-ofi_a.


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