Department of Myocardial Pathology

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About the Department

The largest therapeutic department of Cardiology Research Institute was established on March 2, 2018 due to necessity of solving the relevant fundamental and applied multidisciplinary and organizational objectives in the field of myocardial pathology in compliance with modern worldwide trends. Research team of the department comprises one professor, three doctors of medical sciences, and five candidates of medical sciences. During operation of the departments of heart failure and general cardiology and epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases, which were the basis for creation of the Department of Myocardial Pathology, under supervision of Professor A. A. Garganeeva (Dr. Sci. (Med.)) and Professor Alexander T. Teplyakov (Dr. Sci. (Med.), Honored Worker of Science), 18 dissertations for degree of doctor of medical sciences and 60 dissertations for degree of candidate of medical sciences were defended. Over 1000 scientific works including over 500 articles in journals approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation, 24 books, and three manuals for physicians were published; 19 patents of inventions of the Russian Federation were received. Due to high qualification, employees of the department are actively involved in Russian and international clinical trials (HARMONY, RESONANCE, OPTIMISE, ШАНС, EPOHA-O-HSN etc.).

Main areas of scientific research

The department pursues ambitious goals and lofty objectives, which define main areas of scientific research. Research group of the department actively works on the formation and structuring of the integrative research area focusing on diagnosis, development of innovative technologies of treatment and effective prevention of myocardial pathology including cardiomyopathies (hypertrophic, dilated, restrictive, etc.), accumulation diseases, inflammatory diseases, and ischemic cardiomyopathy; active study of pathogenesis, early diagnostics, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of chronic heart failure continues.

Consolidation of multidisciplinary research team at premises of the clinical Department of Myocardial Pathology is ongoing with active involvement of geneticists, morphologists, specialists in proteomics and metabolomics, ultrasound diagnostics, cardiovascular surgery, and arrhythmology. Feasibility of achieving large-scale relevant objectives in the field of myocardial pathology is supported by huge experience of the research team in the sphere of large population-based epidemiological programs (Register of Acute Myocardial Infarction) as well as fundamental and applied studies on neurohormonal, molecular- genetic, and immune-metabolic mechanisms of the development of chronic heart failure. One of the directions of scientific research is the optimization of rehabilitation treatment after myocardial revascularization. In this area, new evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation strategy in chronic heart failure patients after coronary artery bypass surgery and endovascular myocardial revascularization are developed and have been actively implemented in practical healthcare.

Practical activities

Chief of the Department: Vladimir D. Aptekar, Dr. Sci. (Med.)
The Department of Myocardial Pathology is designed for delivery of highly specialized cardiological care to over 1800 patients annually. The team of physicians comprises three high level certificate physicians, one doctor of first qualification category, and two resident doctors. Besides, each patient is under close follow-up of research fellows who are doctors and candidates of medical sciences, which provides high level and quality of delivered medical care. During 35 years of work of Cardiology Department No. 4, which is a clinical basis of the Department of Myocardial Pathology, specialized help was delivered to over 20,00 patients with cardiovascular diseases. During the last 15 years, in the department, ~1000 patients received surgical treatment of cardiac pathology with cardiopulmonary bypass; over 2500 patients received endovascular treatment of ischemic heart diseases and coronary artery stenting; over 600 patients underwent surgical treatment for cardiac rhythm disorders.

The employees of the department developed and implemented in clinic a series of new medical technologies, which allow to increase the quality of diagnostics and prediction of cardiovascular diseases as well as to optimize and personify the treatment tactics. State-of-the-art highly informative methods of studies are used including 24-h monitoring of blood pressure and ECG, echocardiography, MRI, radionuclide methods of studies, immunological and genetic testing, coronary angiography, endocardial biopsy, etc. are widely used in the work of the department. New evidence-based approaches to strategy of rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic heart failure after coronary artery bypass and endovascular revascularization of the myocardium are developed and actively implemented.

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