Department of Pediatric Cardiology

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About the Department

The department was established in 1990. The team comprises 45 members including two doctors of medical sciences, three candidates of medical sciences, and two high level certificate physicians. Employees of the department defended four dissertations for degree of doctor of medical sciences and 17 dissertations for degree of candidate of medical sciences. Over 650 scientific works including five books and six manuals for physicians were published; six patents of inventions of the Russian Federation and four software program patents were received.

Main areas of scientific research

The development and implementation in healthcare practice of the interactive system for diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in children (disorders of cardiac rhythm and conduction, myocardial diseases, congenital heart diseases, and hypertensions).

State-of-the-art technologies of interventional arrhythmology, cardiac surgery, and X-ray endovascular surgery of congenital heart diseases.

Age-related steps of the development of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy syndrome in children are identified. Individualized approaches to selection of the method for treatment of arrhythmias in children of early age are developed and implemented in clinical practice; autoimmune mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis are under study. Risk factors of sudden cardiac death where the cardiac rhythm disorders play a pivotal role are studied in children. Large fragment of research work focuses on studying clinical and hemodynamic aspects of electrical cardiac stimulation in children.

Works in the fields of medical and physical rehabilitation of children with congenital heart diseases with functionally single ventricle after completion of hemodynamic correction are studied.

Patterns of development of essential hypertension in teenagers are identified. Personalized model for prediction of stable forms of arterial hypertension in teenagers has been developed and implemented.

Practical activities

Research fellows and physicians of the department provide consulting assistance to children in Tomsk and Tomsk region as well as to children from other regions. Annually, employees of the department as part of diagnostic teams visit different regions of Siberia where they identify patients with various pathologies of cardiovascular system requiring examination in Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk NRMC.

In the department, the intensive care unit equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for treatment of children with cardiovascular pathology is available. In the department, the following examinations are available: transesophageal electrophysiology study, Holter ECG monitoring, 24-h monitoring of blood pressure, and Harvard step-test for assessment of exercise tolerance in preschool children.

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Candidate of Medical Sciences
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