Department of Radiology and Tomography

The department if a clinical base of the scientific subdivision of the Department of Radiology and Tomography.

The Department of Radiology and Tomography was established in 2005 and is rightly a successor of X-ray Diagnostic Department, which had been in existence since the opening of the institute. In the department, six candidates of medical sciences are working and all physicians have qualification grades.

The Department of Radiology and Tomography is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic devices including magnetic resonance tomograph, spiral X-ray computed tomography machine, two stationary X-ray apparatuses, and a pool of ward mobile apparatus.

Main areas of the activities

Main areas of the activities of the department are MRI, spiral CT, and X-ray diagnostics of the cardiovascular diseases.

Types of studies available in the department

The entire range of radiology studies including X-ray studies of the organs and systems, spiral CT angiography, bypass angiography, brain perfusion assessments, as well as the studies of the thoracic and abdominal organs and osseous-articular system. The implemented methods include the following: coronary calcium for diagnosis of coronary atherosclerosis, brain perfusion, and angiopulmonography.

The available diagnostic modalities include MRI studies of the following:

  • central nervous system
  • musculoskeletal system
  • cardiovascular system
  • organs of digestive apparatus including the studies with the state-of-the-art paramagnetic contrast agent enhancement and dynamic regimes
  • endocrine and urogenital system
  • angiography of the carotid, femoral, and renal arteries

28 employees are working in the department including 11 physicians, 11 nurses, and 6 others.